Not Zero

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Now please take the next powerful step.  Your gift today will help power-up this campaign by getting more mainstream Australians to sign the petition and show Opposition Leader Peter Dutton that you want the Coalition to drop their ‘Net Zero by 2050’ nonsense.

By investing today, you’ll help raise a strong voice to show Peter Dutton that many people like you want cheaper, more reliable power.

And you’ll help more Australians stand up to say they don’t want to lose their jobs to meet the ‘Net Zero’ targets.

Why should Australians like you go broke, just because the Coalition wants to go woke?

That’s why it’s so vital to send this petition out far and wide – to restore balance in the energy debate by pushing back on the far Left’s ‘Net Zero’ hysteria that will hit your back pocket.

So thank you again for signing the petition for ‘NOT Zero’…

And thank you for investing today to power up this campaign for cheaper power to protect your prosperity.

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Matthew Sheahan
Executive Director